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What's New on the PMKCA Website?

Updates as of November, 2023

Every now and then, we add something brand new to our website - new pages, new content - something we think our community might find useful or interesting.  Here's what's new in this website update:

The "What's New?" Button is new! - You clicked on the button to get here, so I don't need to tell you much.


The "Interests" Menu Page is new! - This category has a variety of special-interest pages in it, and the list may grow as the community explores new interests.  Right now, there are two pages shown - see below.

The "Property Taxes" Page is new! - Found under "Interests", this page gives some important guidance to rural/agricultural property owners in our community, and elsewhere.  Deciding whether to apply for a "Non-dedicated Agricultural Classification" - or whether to KEEP the classification if you have - can be tricky.  The deadline for making a decision for the NEXT tax period is December 31 of the prior year!  This page walks through a comparison between the "Agricultural" and "Homeowner" classifications AND provides an interactive worksheet that you can use to test your own situation. 

The "Rainwater Catchment" Page is new! - Rural communities like ours have a surprising number of households that collect, store and use rainwater.  The quality of collected rainwater is a concern to many residents, but the criteria for determining whether our catchment water is safe for use, especially for consumption, isn't well understood.  Found under "Interests", this page discusses the issue and provides some resources for guidance.  Our PMKCA president, Joe Clarkson, recently participated in a study of catchment water systems including the testing of his water.  He relates his experience with catchment water use and walks through the results of the tests performed on his catchment water supply. 

If you have any comments on these pages, or have any interests that you would like to see explored in more detail on our website, send us an email using our "Contact" form.

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