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Membership in PMKCA

Membership in PMKCA is on a calendar year basis (Jan 1 to Dec 31).  Membership is by HOUSEHOLD, so anyone at your residence is considered a member of PMKCA.  Please provide the membership information below. (If you want to check us out first, get on our Mailing List - it's free!)

PMKCA dues are $20.00 per year, and provide funding for all PMKCA activities, services, and contributions, including this website.  Dues payment may be made easily to PMKCA's PayPal account, or by mail  See payment information below.

Membership Information

Would you like to be more involve with PMKCA?

Thanks for joining PMKCA!

You're almost done! 

Please take a minute to complete your membership by making your dues payment for the current year.

Dues Payment Options

Your contribution of annual dues ($20) is an essential part of membership and supports the activities and expenses of PMKCA each year.  We ask that you make arrangements to pay your dues when you join PMKCA or renew your membership.  We offer several ways to make your dues payment.

Pay by PayPal

Contact PMKCA Treasurer

Peter Christensen

for payment account information.

Mail a Check

Write check to PMKCA

for $20.00. Mail to:

PMKCA Treasurer

PO Box 408

Pa'auilo, HI 96776

Pay at an Event

Come to any event held by PMKCA and pay by cash or check to the Treasurer or other PMKCA official.

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