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Other Helpful Resources

On this page you will find a variety of informative documents, maps,website links and other resources  that may provide helpful information to residents of mauka Pa'auilo and Kalōpā.  We will be adding new information over time.

Handbook for Emergency Preparedness

Produced by:

Hawaii Electric Co.

Guide to Hawaii's emergency situations and how to prepare for them.

Rainwater Catchment Systems V 2020

Produced by:

Univ. of Hawaii CTAHR

Guide to creating & maintaining catchment tanks for household water.

Ready, Set, Go - Wildland Fire Guide

Produced by:

Hawaii Wildfire Mgmt Org

Informing Hawaii homeowners on wildfire risks and mitigation.

Water Lines & Hydrants Map

Produced by:

Hawaii County Dept of Water Supply

Map of mauka Pa'auilo & Kalopa showing location of water lines and fire hydrants.

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