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Member Concerns

PMKCA has one Board member who is responsible for looking after the interests and concerns of members, and for maintaining a current list of active members and those whose memberships have recently expired.  Vice President Ruth Bennett currently holds the position of Membership Chair.  Contact Ruth at 808 776-1111 or by email at 


The terms of membership are established in PMKCA's Constitution & Bylaws Article 3:

"Membership will be open to property owners, residents and persons operating enterprises mauka of (above) the Belt Highway (Hwy 19) including the homestead tracts of Pa’auilo, Pohakea, Ka’apahu and Kalōpā in the Hāmākua district of Hawai’i Island. 

Voting membership privileges in the Association will be limited to members in good standing; i.e., dues-paying adult property owners, lessees, and other permanent residents."

Active membership in PMKCA is on a calendar year basis; i.e., joining or renewing applies to the current year, regardless of when the membership becomes active (dues are paid) and is renewable at the beginning of the following year.  Membership is also interpreted as applying to a "household"; i.e., if an individual in a household is a member in good standing, then all residents in the household are members.

What does the Membership Chairperson do?

  • Maintains the membership list, recording new members and renewing members and keeping track of recently expired members.  The list also contains pertinent information supplied by the member for contact purposes.


  • Encourages membership in PMKCA in communications, at membership meetings, and in the general community.

  • Solicits and receives questions, opinions and suggestions from members and conveys the information to the Board.

Joining PMKCA, or renewing your membership, is easy.  Go to the Membership page, fill out the Membership Form, and submit it.  Then pay the $20 membership dues via one of the methods of payment provided.  Done!! 

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