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Water, Health & Utilities

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Ducks need good water sources, too!

The Water, Health & Utilities committee has engaging work to address.  The committee stays on top of fluid change and evolving concerns of the residents in our communities for services and in supporting infrastructure.   The committee's primary functions are to inform the PMKCA Board members and community residents about the services and utilities in our area and to maintain connections to agencies and companies who provide these necessary resources.

Water:  Our residents chiefly receive their water through water lines, tanks and pumps under the jurisdiction of the county Department of Water Supply (DWS). Although some residents lack access to county water, they rely on rainwater catchment systems or supplement their water needs (e.g., for livestock) from community water, located nearby Paauilo Feed Store.

These methods of water delivery have benefits, potential risks, and costs.  The committee keeps a line of communication to the DWS so that any disruption to water service can be swiftly addressed to affected residents.

Please scroll down on the Other Resources page to find further useful water-related documents:  Look for the Water Lines & Hydrants map for our community, and a guide to Rainwater Catchment Systems.

​Health:  What is more important than our health, our individual health, and the health challenges in our community?  This committee, as well as others in our community, took on the challenge of Covid19 in the early months of the pandemic by organizing a mask-making effort.  Dozens of community members with sewing skills, and others who supported these, produced nearly 18,000 cloth masks which were distributed at no charge in a number of locations on the Hamakua Coast, in Waimea and elsewhere.  Covid remains with us, but in a more manageable form.

​The committee is also concerned with the health-damaging impacts of cesspools in our community, and of the use of chemical herbicides along our roadways.  The committee also partners with the Invasive Species committee regarding the health concerns of invasive organisms that can affect our health and well-being.

​Utilities:  Electricity is typically delivered by the Hawaii Electric Company (HELCO) and its power lines, but a segment of our residents are off grid, generating electricity primarily from the sun’s rays.  The committee keeps track of HELCO activities in our area, including tree trimmings and other power line maintenance activities.  When power outages occur, the committee may connect with HELCO to provide guidance to residents on downed power line risks and on the restoration of power.

​Communication lines (Hawaiian Telcom) and the various cell phone and internet service providers in our area are also a subject of interest to this committee.  When power outages or cell service disruptions occur, the committee works in a timely manner in sharing relevant information to residents - if communication services are available, that is!

This committee is intrepid and seeks to accomplish more.

With your help and more hands, we can make the workload light. 

Join us today!


To learn more about the Water, Health & Utilities committee,

please contact Fred Alexandre at 808-670-9059

 or email to


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