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Introduction to PMKCA

The Pa'auilo Mauka Kalōpā Community Association is an all-volunteer community-based organization operated for the benefit of the residents of the mauka Pa'auilo and Kalōpā areas on the Hāmākua Coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i. PMKCA acts as a forum for the diverse concerns of our primarily agriculture-based communities, as an organizer of various community efforts, and as an interface with government agencies and local businesses that may have interests within our GEOGRAPHIC AREA (see below).

Our CALENDAR page gives the dates and times of our Membership and Board meetings, and other events that are of community interest.

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Our new INTERESTS section leads to various pages of particular interest to our members and rural communities.

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Our RESOURCES section (archive of newsletters, guides and other documents) helps to keep our community informed and prepared.


Membership in PMKCA is by HOUSEHOLD and is completely voluntary - we earn your membership every year by what PMKCA does for you and your community. 


Members of PMKCA meet semi-annually (January and July) to share experiences, hear updates, make decisions, and elect members of the Board of Directors.  Many members participate in our variety of committees that reflect the interests and concerns of the community. 

If you are a resident of mauka Pa'auilo or Kalōpā, we welcome your membership and participation.  Dues are only $20 per calendar year and joining is easy!


Mailing List

If you don't happen to have property in the communities of mauka Pa'auilo and Kalōpā, or would just like to check us out for awhile, we encourage you to subscribe to our Mailing List.  It's free!


We email our interesting and informative monthly Newsletters, our occasional Bulletins sharing timely information on road work, developing emergencies, and other activities in our communities, and invitations to events and activities of general interest to our members and friends. Our newsletters are also published in the monthly issues of the Hāmākua Times.

Areas Served by PMKCA

PMKCA members have addresses on the following roads above Hwy 19 in mauka Pa'auilo and Kalōpā

on the Hāmākua Coast of Hawai'i Island:


  • Kalōpā Rd. (to just west of Kalōpā Mauka Rd.)

  • Kalōpā Mauka Rd.

  • Kalaniai Rd.

  • Keahua Rd.

  • Apelahama Rd.

  • Ho'o Kahua Rd.

  • Kula Kahiko Rd.

  • Ka'apahu Rd.

  • Waika'alulu Rd.

  • Kukuipapa Rd.

  • Pa'auilo Mauka Rd.

  • Hauola Rd. (east to Pohakea Rd.)

  • Pohakea Rd.

  • Pohakea Mauka Rd.

  • Manienie Rd.

  • Pohakealani Rd.


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