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Wildfire Survey

This survey hopes to shed light on our community's interest or concern about the threat of wildfires within our own area - rural homes, farms and ranches.  Your input, as well as your participation, if you choose, will help to reduce the risk of wildfires, to make our homes and properties safer, and to make our community more defensible when wildfires do occur.
We are asking only 10 questions and hope that you will take 3 to 5 minutes to share your thoughts, opinions and concerns.
Who are we?  We are residents of mauka Pa'auilo and Kalopa.  Some of us are members of the Pa'auilo Mauka Kalopa Community Association (PMKCA) which is supporting this effort.

* (Asterisk) = Required field.

1. First of all, are you a resident of the Paauilo Mauka or Kalopa community?
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