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The Kalōpā Park Team

A brief history of Kalopa Park and PMKCA's Volunteers

The 100-acre Kalōpā State Park (“Recreation Area”) located at the 2000-ft boundary of PMKCA’s region, is a cool-elevation forest, made up of mostly native endemic or indigenous plants. The large lawn areas feature a statewide representation of Hibiscus. The 500 adjacent acres are designated a State Forest Reserve and include the Kalōpā Gulch Trail System and a planted forest of eucalyptus, silk oak, paperbark, ironwood, and tropical ash. While the park is under the management of Hawaii’s Dept. of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) there are just two dedicated staff on site. PMKCA’s members consider Kalōpā Park to be a gem within our community and have taken a serious interest in the maintenance of the park. The Kalōpā Park Team has been authorized by DLNR to volunteer in the care and preservation of several areas within the park. The Kalōpā Park Team maintains the popular Nature Trail, which features about 25 native species of trees, shrubs, and vines. The team maintains the trail itself, removes weeds and invasive plants, and provides a brochure keyed to signs along the trail identifying the native plants, their Hawaiian names, and their significance. The team also maintains a Polynesian “Canoe Garden”, which demonstrates the introduced plants and trees that the original Polynesian voyagers brought with them from their home islands far to the west to sustain themselves in their new settlements.

To learn more about the fascinating history of Kalōpā Park

and the community’s deep commitment to it,

read the two-part series of PMKCA Newsletters on the subject,

published in December 2020 and January 2021 (coming soon to the Newsletters page).

KP-85 Resized.jpg

The Kalōpā Park Team in 2021

Working in the Canoe Garden

Friendships flourish in the park and gardens.

What the team does, and how you can help.

The Kalōpā Park Team welcomes volunteers who would like to spend a pleasant morning working in our cherished park, or who would like to help out with other tasks that the team performs on an irregular basis.  Here's what the team does:

  • In the park, the team tends the Nature Trail and the Polynesian "Canoe" Garden.  They maintain the native plants, remove invasive species, and improve the trails.  You can join them:


The team meets on the FIRST THURSDAY and THIRD SATURDAY of each month,

at 9:30 AM at the centrally-located kiosk near the cabins.

  • Elsewhere, the team meets irregularly to collate and fold the Brochures that the team provides to visitors to the Nature Trail, or to work on other special projects within the park.

The team is mostly self-funded from contributions made by park visitors into a donations box at the Nature Trail head.  The funds are used to replace brochures and for repair projects and tools.

For more information on the Kalōpā Park Team, or to join the team,

Contact Diana Nui at 808 775-8228

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